Desperate for an alternative

All Mary wanted was a school that understood not just autism, but her son’s own needs as well, and Baston House has come up trumps

Mary says: “My son Jasper was diagnosed with autism at the age of four. Unfortunately, he was unable to
manage mainstream school and by the time he was nine he was extremely distressed and his attendance
very poor. The school did not understand Jasper’s needs while the work and the environment were becoming
impossible for him to manage. He was continually physically refusing to go to school and trying to hurt himself
to avoid having to go.

“His self-esteem was on the floor and the school responded by taking me to court for his poor attendance,
thereby blaming me and ignoring Jasper’s needs. We had hit rock bottom and there was no choice but to take
Jasper out of this inappropriate setting which was unable to address his needs.”

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