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School Vaccination Programme

There will be a vaccination programme carried out at school, in partnership with the NHS. The details of these vaccines including when they are planned to take place are as follows:

Diptheria Tetanus Polio Meningitis (ACWY) – January to March
Year 9 – This is the booster to the one children get as babies and then preschool and lasts until young adulthood. Year 9s at school will be offered this vaccine on Monday 04th March 2019. Consent forms will be sent home shortly.

HPV – Summer term
Year 8 Girls. This will soon include boys. Date to be confirmed.

Flu vaccine – October to December
Reception to Year 6. Date to be confirmed.

Further information can be found in this NHS guide ” Immunisations for young people” >>

Once pupils have been vaccinated, a confirmation letter will be sent home to parents.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school should you require further information.


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