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Baston House School Welcome Theatre Company

Ds Ellie Martineaux from Baston House School, has once again brought vocational learning to life in a most entertaining way.

This week, we had the pleasure of welcoming “The Rah Rah Theatre Company” who specialise in work-related learning shows.

They presented “The Wex-Factor Show” which enthralled our students as the three hosts ‘David, Simon and Jonathan’ demonstrated, with a touch of humour, the do’s and the don’ts of work experience.

There were five rounds each highlighting one area of work experience like, interview techniques, employer’s expectations, dress to impress, customer service and, inevitably, Health and Safety!

Rah Rah were excellent and our students in Years 10 and above enjoyed the role play and answering questions.

Rah Rah will be returning over the next few months with a Communications workshop and an Enterprise Show.

We are  looking forward to their next visit!


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