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Introducing one of the Baston House School Ambassadors

Hi, I’m Harvey. I’m one of the Baston House School Ambassadors but at one point of my school life at Baston, this would have been unattainable.

I’ve come a long way from who I was; this is all down to certain staff members: Mr Rios, Mrs Johnson, Mrs Zylyftari, Mr Southwell and Miss Oldman and my class members pushed me to be myself.

Being put in a class above my actual year, played a big role in my academic success and my personal growth thanks go to two very special friends from my class who pushed me to be my best possible self. You know who you are!

I also changed for myself. I didn’t really like the way I spoke to the staff or my peers so I decided to pull my act together and focus on my education and it paid off very well.


Well done Harvey!

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