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Comments from our most recent Ofsted Report

  • The senior leadership team works well together. Its members are full of ambition and commitment to improving the school.
  • The therapy support is a strength of the school’s teaching and support provision.
  • The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is good.
  • Adults who work with pupils establish positive relationships. Typically, they encourage pupils to take part in their activities.
  • Over their time at the school, they become more confident, articulate and engaged children and young people.
  • Teaching and activities outside the classroom help pupils to become more independent.
  • Pupils at the school mix well together and generally behave well.
  • Adults who work with children typically establish clear boundaries. For example, this includes helping pupils learn how to interact with each other and adults, in preparation for life after school.
  • The pupils become more confident and independent during their time at the school and they behave well.
  • Pupils’ welfare is given the highest priority. Leaders have a tight grip on safeguarding.
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