Alec, recently enrolled at Baston House School.

The fight for a place at Baston House School was long and hard, but Jane has proved that it was a fight worth winning

Although Alec had been professionally diagnosed with autism and dyspraxia when he was six years old, having
attended a private school he had not been given a statement of Special Educational Needs. When Jane realised
that his school was not coping with him appropriately she started to seek out alternatives and it took nearly two
years before she obtained the result she wanted.

“I heard about Baston House and went to look round,” says Jane. “I really liked what I saw and it seemed to be the
right environment for Alec, with small classes and helpful, approachable staff and I was very pleased when they
accepted our application.” Unfortunately, this was just the start of Jane’s battle and a long drawn out process of
assessments and appeals.

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