Limited choices

Sally took a gamble by sending her son to a new and unproven school, but Baston House has paid off for the whole family in many ways

Harry was diagnosed with autism (PDD-NOS) when he was four years old but was fortunate enough to be able
to attend a mainstream primary school, which was more than able to adequately address what Sally believed
were his needs at the time. However, when the time came to consider his secondary education, Sally had to
reassess the situation, especially in light of the fact that their Local Education Authority offered only a limited
choice of settings.

“His primary school had served him very well but they accepted that Harry needed more than a mainstream
school could provide at the next stage,” Sally says. “The only option we were given by the LEA was not geared
specifically to children with autism and, as a child who is very able on the autistic spectrum, we felt that Harry
would plateau academically if he was not given the right opportunities.”

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