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Meet The Team

Our Therapy team comprising Specialist Speech and Language Therapists, Specialist Occupational Therapists and Clinical Psychologists, embeds effective and contemporary practice into the teaching and well-being practices at our school. This shapes the personalised and effective approach that we have in developing a curriculum that offers the learner the best learning experience possible.

Our Therapy team are also integral in the delivery of specialist interventions which directly support learners within classes, varying their focus between improving communication and interaction skills, while increasing emotional development and equipping learners with the ability to cope with anxiety.

Our plan is to steadily increase the provision of a range of specialist interventions.

Greg Sorrell

Interim Head Teacher

Adam De Vecchi

Deputy Head Teacher

Izabella Prepuk

Lead Teacher - Primary

Alessandro Frige

Teacher - Secondary

Cai Draper

Instructor - Secondary

Miranda Justo-Nunez

Asst. Clinical Psychologist

Miklos Foldes

Teacher - Primary

Shelley Reid

Clerk to SLT

Andy Hebden

Teacher - Secondary

Alvaro Rios

Teacher - Secondary

Nick Smith

Teacher - Secondary

Fred Longdon

Teacher - Secondary

Lauren Goodyear

Teacher - Primary

Mamun Miah

Secondary Teacher

Owen Williams

Lead Secondary Teacher

Belinda Hopkins

Food Technology & Life Skills Instructor

Fiona Treadaway

Performing Arts Instructor

Katharine Ayivor

Clinical Psychologist

Marleen Mohanlal


Sally Pettitt

Placement Manager

Shelley Reid

Lunch time supervisor

Ronald Chappell


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