Secondary Education

Specialist subject teachers will lead and support the teaching and learning at this stage. Experience of specialist subject areas, resources and equipment will be an integral part of each school day.

In Key Stage 4 courses that provide pathways to nationally recognised accreditation, including GCSE, may be followed. We will steadily increase the range of practical and vocational curriculum areas available to our students. In all cases, students will be supported in reaching their full potential and in acquiring skills that will enable them to live as independently as possible.

We ensure that basic independence skills are taught: personal hygiene, accessing healthcare, domestic management, engaging with emergency services, safe travel, healthy eating, active lifestyles and financial planning.


Baston House School is also working towards a range of special activities, to include:

  • Independence and Life Skills programmes
  • Independent Travel training
  • Vocational learning
  • Sex, relationship and drug related education
  • Mainstream participation
  • Citizenship (including School Council)
  • Healthy eating
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.
  • Horticulture
  • Construction and Engineering Skills

In addition to this we include well-being promotion by teaching anxiety reduction and stress relief strategies to cope with sudden change and unpredictability. The importance of schedules and structures is reinforced. Social development input is focused on supporting learners in developing and maintaining safe social groups outside of school.

Lastly, we do offer in-house sex and relationship education, work experience in an area of learner interest and integration days at a local school or college.

Being a learner with autism means that your greatest need is be skilled in the ability to socially interact; form safe and meaningful relationships and communicate and express one’s emotions in a socially acceptable way.

  •   School starts/registration: 9.00am
  •   Clubs: 9.05am
  •   Lessons start: 9.20am
  •   Break: 11.20am – 11.35am
  •   Lunch: 12.35pm – 1.15pm
  •   School ends: 3.30pm

Baston House School offers a specialist education that includes the National Curriculum to pupils aged from 11 years upwards. Key Stage 3-4 subjects include:

  •   English
  •   Maths
  •   Science
  •   Design and technology
  •   Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  •   History
  •   Geography
  •   Modern Foreign Languages
  •   Performing and Expressive Arts
  •   Music
  •   Citizenship
  •   Physical Education.
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